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April 21, 2007

Customize Google Adds Infinite Scrolling for Google Search

Customize Google is a Firefox extension that adds or removes some features in Google's services, including links to competing search engines, removing ads and click tracking, rewriting links to point directly to images in Google Image Search.

Inspired by the infinite scrolling Greasemonkey script presented in a previous post, Customize Google includes a similar feature, which is not enabled by default, so you'll have to check "Stream search results pages" in the options. The infinite scrolling means that you don't have to click on "Next page" because the next search results are loaded in the background as you scroll down. This feature removes the related searches from the bottom of the page and some OneBox results, while not being able to function correctly when you hit back after clicking on a result, but it's still cool to enable it when you're in exploration mode.

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