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April 28, 2007

Remove Software Preinstalled with New PCs

It's really hard to buy a computer preinstalled with Windows that doesn't have all kinds of bundled software. From anti-virus software like Norton AntiVirus, music players to DVD burners, links to affiliated services, these programs occupy a lot of space and memory, and you may not be aware of their existence.

Even Google has a three-year agreement with Dell to install Google Toolbar and Google Desktop on new PCs. "Google has reportedly sealed an anticipated deal with Dell to pre-install some of its software on PCs before shipment, partially closing an advantage Microsoft has long held on users automatically defaulting to its products," Forbes wrote last year.

If you don't like to let others choose for you and want an easy way to uninstall the software that comes with your new computer, PC Decrapifier could be a solution. It's like Google Pack in reverse: uninstall everything in just a few clicks.
So, you're the proud owner of a new PC. You anxiously open the box, dumping out the contents, casting the instructions aside. You feverishly push your old PC off the desk and get the new one set up. On the floor lies a pile of plastic wrap and twist ties. Your brand spanking new PC boots up only to greet you with a plethora of pop up advertisements pestering you to pay for anti-virus software or sign up for a music service. Your desktop is littered with website links for 'special offers.' The system tray is already full of programs that continuously use your internet connection to make sure that you're 'up to date.' (...) All of this stuff is placed on your new PC because the big companies like Dell, HP and others sell advertising space on your PC to put more money in their pockets at the expense of your time and frustration.

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