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June 1, 2007

Declutter iGoogle

If your Google personalized homepage has a lot of feeds and gadgets, it may become hard to organize them or to make room for a new gadget.

To clear some space, add related gadgets as tabs in the compound Google gadget. For example, you could group the gadgets for Gmail, Google Calendar and the to-do list. You can only add one instance of the compound gadget in a tab, but it's very easy to select the gadgets you want to include.

If you read many feeds, use the "feeds in tabs" gadget that groups up to four Atom or RSS feeds in a single gadget.

Or you could use Google Reader to manage your favorite feeds. If you decide to that, you'll need to export your feeds from iGoogle in an OPML file that could be easily imported in Google Reader if you go to Settings > Import/Export.

Now you can delete the feeds from iGoogle and use the Google Reader gadget to read them. You can even add multiple instances of the Google Reader gadget, each one showing posts from a different folder.

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