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June 19, 2007

Rate Local Businesses in Google Maps

Now you can add reviews and rate local businesses in Google Maps. Until today, Google crawled sites like Yelp and included their reviews.

"Don't forget that Google Maps indexes a tremendous variety of businesses, and in a number of countries. Tell the world all about your favorite (or least favorite) doctors and dentists, hotels, bakeries, hardware stores, salons, pet spas, auto mechanics, plumbers, and more," recommend Google Lat Long Blog.

Just find a local business, click on "more info" and then find a link that says "write a review". Your review must be at least 100 characters, it will go live instantly, but it's placed after the bottom of the page.


  1. Been doing this with yahoo for quite some time.

  2. Do not stay at the economy inn hotel in tulsa they are a cheap cockroach and mice infested hotel they walk in your room without knocking and are rude my husband killed two mice and two more ran off we had our kids there and my husband was at work the female owner walked in my room without knocking after opening the door with her key she did that three times while my kids and i slept then her husband did the same thing when asked for our money back after confronted they refused its a perfect place for drug addicts and hookers to live the place is grosse and should be shut down

  3. Do not use Carnation Home Cleaning service based in Mesa AZ. We used them for some time and after going through different cleaning teams found out one of our cleaing people was fired for stealing. The invoicing was off and did not make sense. The owner was rude several times when she insisted on rescheduling our cleaining team.

  4. In virgina beach virgina in shape for woman are very dishonest, a bunch of shitty people who lie to get people to contract and then tell them you can get out of it 30 days. Lie lie lie.

  5. Recently CBC did a piece on collections agency IQor. The most complaints made about IQor was in regards to Rogers. I dealt with Rogers for years, until in 2008 I decided to switch my service. At that point the company became playing underhanded with me. First their CSR's were rude and insulting. One guy did not mute his phone and I could hear all what was said. When I called him on it he hung up on me. They mailed my final bill to an address that I had moved from 4 months before, even though up until I switched my service, they had been sending me monthly bills at my new address.

    When I finally found out who was behind the IQor calls, I contacted Rogers. I got a lot of hangups, left on hold one time for 45 minutes waiting for someone in accounts to speak with me, and eventually disconnected...I called their corporate office and got no call backs. So I went to the Better Business Bureau and filed a complaint..

    This company is the worse to deal with. I would do without service before I ever went back to such thieves.

    Buyer beware, Rogers is a company that has stolen money from many people and have made huge mistakes that people carry on their credit report for years. And it seems our CRTC has no back bone to put an end to this.

  6. Liars and scammers! Watch out for MPP Insurance company also known as Old United. I had a extended warranty through them for my car and needed service done. They provided a rental car through Enterprise, told me bill would be paid in full, then stuck me with part of it. Your contract may say rental provided for certain number of days, they tell you regardless they have you covered for however long you dont have your car and then when the bill is due tell you they never said that and you owe the balance. Dont trust these peoples word! Horrible customer service!

  7. RANSTAD Employment Agency (Raleigh, NC office, especially), NEVER, NEVER,NEVER, NEVER try to be one of their contract employees, or for your dear life be one of their business clients. Agency is very disreputable, very dishonest, incompetent, and flat out stupid, they double talk and are complete morons. Does the word Embezzlement mean anything to you??, stay away, trust me!!