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November 29, 2007

The New Version of Gmail Adds Group Chat

Having three interfaces for Google Talk (the gadget, Gmail and the desktop client) seems to be a challenge for Google because the new features aren't propagated at the same time in all the interfaces. To make the challenge even more interesting, Google added a new interface: an updated Gmail Chat that's only available in the new version of Gmail.

This updated Gmail Chat includes two features that were already available in the gadget: smileys and group chat. To invite a new contact to an existing chat, click on "Options" and select "Group Chat". The problem is that your contact must use either the gadget or the new version of Gmail. If he uses the desktop client, a message will inform him to open the gadget, but in the old version of Gmail Chat there's no indication that you invited him to chat.

{ via Googlified }

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