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December 12, 2007

Google Calendar Sync for BlackBerry

Synchronization is probably the most requested feature for Google Calendar and Google has finally done something about it. It's not quite what you would've expected, but it's still a promising start. Google Sync is an application that lets you synchronize your Blackberry's calendar with Google Calendar.

"Using your BlackBerry smartphone's native calendar, you can now access your Google calendar even when you don't have network coverage and be alerted for upcoming appointments with sound or vibration. Your Google Calendar stays synchronized whether you access it from your computer or your phone. You can add or edit entries right on your BlackBerry smartphone or on your Google Calendar on the web."

The application should be available at if you visit the page from your Blackberry's browser. According to Google Mobile Blog, it supports Google Apps accounts.

This week, Google launched a mobile package of applications for Blackberry and a unified interface for iPhone. Google really tries to build solid mobile offerings, but only Google Maps is available for the most important mobile platforms. Hopefully, Google Sync will be released for other platforms and it will synchronize your contacts as well.

Sync your mobile phone with Google Calendar (third-party apps)

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