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September 25, 2008

Google Moderator

Google Moderator is a small application initially created for submitting and voting on the questions for Google's tech talks.

"At Google, we host a large number of "tech talks". These talks cover a wide rage of Computer Science topics like research in machine learning and methods for ranking images based on text queries. I've enjoyed attending these tech talks, but as the number of attendees has grown over time, the question-and-answer part of the talks hasn't been able to scale," explains Taliver Heath.

The application turned out to be useful for other things, like the company's meetings, and Google decided to launch it publicly on the App Engine platform.

I created a list of suggestions for Google's services and anyone can add new suggestions or vote on the existing ideas. The most popular ideas are displayed at the top, but Google Moderator also lists random suggestions to make them more visible.

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