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May 8, 2009

Stardates in Google Calendar

Star Trek fans will certainly like this. If you have a recent event in Google Calendar that contains "Star Trek", Google will automatically add a calendar titled "Stardates".

"Our team has been pretty excited about a certain movie premiering today. After yet another discussion of starships, phasers, and warp drives, we decided to put our enthusiasm to work and give Calendar a little boost. The result was the creation of a new calendar, pre-loaded with stardates to help you keep track of time in this universe and beyond," explains Google.

"A stardate is a means of specifying absolute dates in the fictional Star Trek universe. They are decimal numbers, usually rounded to a single decimal place, which replace absolute Gregorian calendar dates," according to Wikipedia.

To see the stardates calendar, create an event that includes "Star Trek" in the title and refresh Google Calendar. You should notice the new calendar in the left sidebar. Another way to take a look at the calendar is to sign out from Google and then visit Google Calendar's homepage.

{ via Bradley Horowitz }

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