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November 8, 2012

Google Sets, Still Available

Update (June 2014): This no longer works.

Missing Google Sets? It's one of the first Google Labs projects and it was discontinued last year. Google Sets allowed you to generate lists of similar items by just typing a few examples.

The good news is that Google Sets is still available as a Google Sheets feature. Create a new spreadsheet in Google Drive, type mazda in A1 and honda in A2 (the first column), highlight the two cells and then press Ctrl (or Option for Mac) while clicking and dragging the small blue box from the lower-right corner to select additional cells where to place the Google Sets results.

Google Sets included 22 new car brands: BMW, Ford, Toyota and many others. You can also use Google Sets to quickly generate lists of dog breeds, U2 songs, French writers, tech sites and more.

{ Thanks, Philipp and Jérôme. }


  1. On the Mac the 'fill from Google Sets' modifier key is Option instead of Control.

  2. This is great! I always thought it didn't work. Thanks.

  3. Funny how a simple ordered list (1,2,3,etc) doesn't work.

    1. It works, but don't press Ctrl. Google Sets is not for simple things like that, but Google Sheets has a basic auto-fill feature for numbers, days of the week etc.

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  5. while clicking and dragging the small blue box from the lower-right corner to select additional cells where to place the Google Sets results.

  6. This is a funny app!!!
    Do you now if and how is it possible to set own lists???


  7. Thanks SO much for pointing that out. GREAT :)

  8. Cool App !!! I love it !!!

  9. Does it work in Google Apps or just Gmail users?

  10. I wasn't able to get this working as of today. Does anyone know if this still works?

  11. I know that Google has better to devote their attention to than little toys like this. I just wish that some non-manager would consider the potential of the internet marketplace. What if Google Labs, before pulling the plug on a project, would survey the users, about perhaps a $1.00 / year charge to keep it running...If 20 million users thought it worthwhile... Maybe someone thinking about leaving Google would take it over? (Managers are too conservative.)

  12. I loved this feature, Google pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bring it back!!

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