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April 15, 2016

Better Google Drive Sync

Google Drive's apps for Windows and Mac got better. You can now select which subfolders to sync with your computer. Until now, you could only select the top-level folders.

Google Drive's sync options show the size of your individual subfolders and the space remaining on your computer, just in case you're running out of free disk space. Another new feature shows a warning when you're deleting or moving a file that's shared with other people.


  1. And meanwhile, still no official client for Linux. What a shame.

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  3. Also, constant "Unable to connect" issues on PCs that I use regularly! I'd like to see them put more effort into making the sync'ing stable rather than a lame warning that if you delete a shared file other users won't be able to use it... you don't say!!!!

  4. Sorry but Dropbox is better, they do have a linux client