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April 4, 2016

Google Animal Sounds

Google has a special card for animal sounds. Search for [cat sound], [what sound does a zebra make], [animal sounds] and you can actually play the sound directly from the search page, whether you're using the desktop Google site or the mobile sites and apps.

This works for 19 animals: tiger, lion, elephant, zebra, ape, sheep, duck, rooster, turkey, owl, cat, pig, cow, dog, moose, raccoon, horse, humpback whale, bowhead whale.

Google uses MP3 files like for playing animal sounds, so they work in almost any modern browser that supports HTML5 audio. For some reason, turtles are no longer available in the card, but you can still find the MP3 file:

An article from Indian Express mentions that "the sounds have been recorded from live animals" and the feature works for "the top searched for animals in Google and animals with some of the most iconic sounds". It was supposed to be launched back in January, but Google announced it in March.

{via Mashable}


  1. The only question that really matters is this: what does the fox say?

  2. The fox says "Beware of humans!"

  3. Common Google, what about fox?! This is the first everyone will ask!

  4. All thoose animals are nice but...What does the fox say?!

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