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October 25, 2005

Google knows all about you

Everything you search for using Google

Every web page you visit that has Google Adsense ads on it

Which country you're in

Every Blogger page you visit, including this one

Who you send emails to

Who sends emails to you


  1. I don't believe it knows all about me, darlin.

    I bet Google didn't know (until now) what a fantastic cook I am. Or how my face lights up with joy (yes, I said joy) over the simplest of things at times.

  2. Google's ability to understand patterns from the micromoves of every individual (our digital footprints) is what makes them a formidable competitor in many industries. They could emerge as the one who knows more about customers than anyone else: it is simultaneously scary and interesting in terms of the potential services.

  3. It would be interesting to reveal to each user what information has gathered about him.

  4. I just finished brushing my teeth. I wonder if google saw me dental flossing as well? Cached me?


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