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November 7, 2005

Yahoo and the evolution of search

The chief technology officer, Farzad Nazem, said that Google now had the exciting sheen of being "the newest kid on the block" and the fastest-growing company. "I know all about that, because that's how it was for us back in '99, 2000," he said. "We sneezed; it was like it was from God. I understand the whole thing."

But Mr. Nazem and everyone else really wanted to discuss what lay beyond these keyword searches of the entire Web. "You can look at the evolution of search as a play in three acts," said Jeff Weiner, the senior vice president for search and marketing. "The first is the 'public' Web, where if different people type the same query they'll all get the same results." The second, he said, was purely personal search - finding a file or photo, usually on your own machine.

"The third is the one that we are very interested in," Mr. Weiner said. This is "social" or "community" searching, in which each attempt to find the right restaurant listing, medical advice site, vacation tip or other bit of information takes advantage of other people's successes and failures in locating the same information.

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