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July 16, 2007

Google to Launch a Search Engine for Ringtones

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google works on a search engine for mobile media content that will include ringtones and games.

"With the new system, users would search for a piece of content -- such as ringtones -- and would get back a list of companies that provide it, with links letting them easily purchase the material. (...) The company has been working for months with content providers -- including large entertainment companies and smaller mobile media aggregators -- to index their material and make it available via mobile search. (...) The Internet company has considered including a social-networking component that would let users of Google's Gmail email service exchange content, one person familiar with the initiative said. Google declined to comment."

Google has launched mobile versions for most of its services, including search, Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube and it's now testing AdSense for mobile content. But a search engine for ringtones and games could jeopardize Google's partnerships with many carriers that want to keep the customers inside their "walled gardens". There aren't many good services in this space (Mogmo comes to my mind), so Google's search engine will actually fill a void. Until some carriers decide to block it.


  1. On a related note, I don't understand why many people buy music ringtones, when it's so easy to obtain them from the actual songs for free.

  2. That is to say, though, that your phone has an external memory card, or you are somehow capable of transfering a .mid or .mp3 file onto your phone. Carriers like Verizon lock their phones down so much that they won't let you get ringtones unless you buy them through their rington service, which costs an arm and a leg. Cell phone carriers in this age are still greedy

  3. Honestly, who wants ringtones? I'm amazed everytime I hear the phone of someone 20+ ring and it's some fruity jingle. I guess people hate being taken seriously.

  4. Maybe they're using Google Base to create a site similar to Froogle/Product Search.

  5. I think it's great, new product to fill a void walled off my vendors with inferior product.

    I used the things from here to crack my Verizon RAZR.

    and I love being in a meeting when my phone goes off "I wanna be sedated" go Ramones! Serious is a state of mind, not an outward projection of solemnity. lighten up.

  6. That's great idea. It would be specially built for those ringtones fanatics.


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