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July 2, 2007

New Shortcuts for Google Docs

Google Docs & Spreadsheets has a lot of new keyboard shortcuts. In addition to the standard formatting shortcuts, you can align text, insert lists, remove formatting, add headers and easily navigate and select text in a spreadsheet. For example, in a spreadsheet, Ctrl+Space selects the active column, while Shift+Space selects the current row. To select the entire sheet, press Ctrl+Space and then Shift+Space.

Using shortcuts, you'll perform tasks faster, more precise and the integration with your browser will seem better. For example, many browsers deny the direct access to the clipboard to Google Docs (and any other site), so it's better to use the keyboard shortcuts for copy/cut/paste.

In other Google Docs-related news, there's already an icon for the presentation app, so it should be launched soon.


  1. And here's yet another taste of Presentations mentioned on this Google Docs support page (emphasis mine):

    You invited a mailing list, and an individual from the mailing list used the invitation to log in and access your document, spreadsheet or presentation.

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