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July 29, 2007

New Data in Google Trends

Google Trends has new data. The last update was in March, so Google should allocate more resources to this project and push new data more frequently.

Some trends: the number of searches for Google Maps grows faster than for Mapquest, the leader in online maps; Facebook has stirred a lot of interest lately, but the number of searches has barely surpassed orkut's searches; Google Reader grew a lot since last year's relaunch, while the interest for Bloglines is constant; YouTube generates more interest than Google. Can you find some interesting trends for this year?


  1. Look at what people are really care of: Harry Potter vs Iraq War

  2. Have you noticed that you can combine multiples into each thread i.e. I was watching a trend of Blu-Ray vs. HD DVD, then I tried traditional or tricks and did (Blu-Ray|Bluray) vs (hd-dvd|hddvd), then I remembered blank spaces so after finding that (blu ray|blu-ray|bluray) vs. (hd dvd|hd-dvd|hddvd) did not really work I realized it should have been ("blu ray"|blu-ray|bluray) vs. ("hd dvd"|hd-dvd|hddvd)

    Too bad google's news comments don't track through the OR operations.


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