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August 30, 2007

Two Ways to Watch the Same YouTube Video

It's very interesting to see the differences between two (almost) identical videos available on YouTube. The first one was uploaded by Universal Music, the owner of the distribution rights, and is displayed using a new YouTube player in the new interface, available as an option for most other videos. Next to the video there's an AdSense banner and the video can't be embedded ("embedding disabled by request).

The second video was uploaded by a normal YouTube user, is displayed using the old player, the new interface is an option, there's no ad next to the video and you're able to embed the video into your site.

The first video has more than 14 million views, while the second one only has 378,000. I'll leave the comments to you.


  1. I'm ok with the adsense, but the no embedding is really a pain.

  2. Links for the 1st video: (all from falloutboys myspace)
    Sites Linking to This Video:
    2262883 clicks from
    921417 clicks from
    464667 clicks from
    75040 clicks from
    61171 clicks from

    Links for the 2nd video:(from private myspace accnts)
    Sites Linking to This Video:
    4744 clicks from
    2631 clicks from
    1971 clicks from
    282 clicks from
    258 clicks from

    I think that explains that difference in views....

  3. also if the video appears in the top of search results it will have more views
    the search results won't show you if the video has ads, allows embedding or has a different interface

  4. OK, so the first video has more views because Fall Out Boy linked to it from the MySpace profile and it has a better ranking in search engines, including in YouTube's search results.

    But I don't understand the big difference between the two pages: different player, different design, different policy (Universal doesn't allow embedding, probably because it's not yet monetized). There's a big gap between the "user-generated content" and the "premium content", even if sometimes the two concepts overlap.

  5. There is another way of watching Youtube. Check this

    You can actually include the Youtube seach and view on your website. Pretty cool.


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