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August 8, 2007

Updated More Than One Minute Ago

Now that Google started to index web pages much faster, it replaced the date when Google last indexed a page...

... with the number of minutes, hours or days since that event:

I managed to see this new format mostly for queries that use the site: operator, but it should propagated to all the queries.

I wonder if we'll ever see an option to sort the results by date or to restrict the results to a date interval (Google offers some limited options in the advanced search interface).


  1. Google also announced this but then for some reason deleted their post:

  2. The other day, my coworker posted a story to our website. A few (as in less than 5) minutes later, she did a quick Google search find the URL of one of the companies mentioned in the story. The story she had *just posted* came up in her Google search. Almost scary.

  3. This is really great!

    After reading about services such as (a distributed search engine thing, mainly developed for *NIX use so far only :<) - I wonder if the use of Google Toolbar, and Google Web Accelerator bears any effect on how fast pages are indexed.

    I mean, it sounds like it would be so convenient for Google to include some sort of "spider" in with Google Web Accelerator, which sends google back the last-modified date...

    And well, those users who use Google Web History and/or "Advanced Features" (Page Rank and Page Info specifically) of the Google Toolbar, it states in the Privacy Policy that all browsed URLs are being sent back to Google knows where we are going. It's about time they put that data to use for something like this :)

    And well, I guess I could have started this comment off with, those of you who've seen these "last updated 5 minutes ago" or other recent updates in the results, are/were you using Google Toolbar? IE or Firefox? PageRank/Page Info enabled or Disabled?


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