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August 8, 2007

JavaScript Google Talk

Google Talk is available in three flavors: a Windows application, Gmail Chat and a Flash gadget that can be embedded into a web page. Zhou Renjian built a JavaScript version that looks a lot like the desktop client, even if it doesn't include voice calls. "It is first implemented in Java language using Eclipse SWT and Smack (A library for Jabber's XMPP). Then the client is converted to JavaScript with servlet supports. And then it's deployed on a Tomcat server." The Java code has been converted to JavaScript using Java2Script.

Of course, Meebo also uses AJAX and can be used to chat with your Google Talk contacts. But both are too complex to work on a mobile phone.

{ via Ajaxian }


  1. Now google talk talk with Asterisk, this is great.

  2. i am really disappointed that there is no Google talk native app for Linux. wine doesn't help. it just makes migration more difficult :-/

  3. Because Jabber (the underlying protocol behind Google Talk) is an open protocol, you can get Jabber clients for many smart phones... some of which you have to pay for, but there are certainly ones for free.

    For example, I use mTalk for my Windows Mobile device, and that works just fine with my Google Talk account :)

  4. Yeah..I am also dissappointed about no gtalk native version in Linux..and Wine not helping. This Javascript google talk..I used it yesterday. Found it quite usable. However, lot needs to be done I guess.

  5. For crying out loud. Java != Javascript.

  6. Sorry, gimp-o-matic, but that's JavaScript.

  7. I found that Empathy (jabber) works just fine with Gtalk.
    Ekiga works with SIP.
    And gtalk2voip will work on any platform.

  8. hi,

    why google talk is not possible for java enable phones(.jar)?


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