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February 19, 2008

Translate Text From a Web Page Inline

gTranslate is a Firefox extension that lets you select some text from a web page and translate in another language. For short texts, you can read the translation in Firefox's contextual menu, but in most cases you'll have to click on the short preview to read the full translation. One of the most useful features is replacing the original text with the translation in text boxes. For example, you can write a reply to a post from Google Groups or compose a Blogger post in a language and instantly translate it to another language.

gTranslate uses Google Translate to perform the translations, so it supports the same language pairs.

System-wide translations using Enso
Google's translation bots

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  1. Translating in-line and displaying it in the dialog box seems like it would eat up memory ... does this extension degrade performance when you're not using it, or just when translating, or what?

  2. It only translates the text when you open Firefox's contextual menu and select "Translate". The extensions is mostly useful for textareas and input boxes, where you can replace the selected text with its translation.

  3. Perfect! I've been looking for such a tool for so long. Thanks

  4. I have loaded and used it. It is very cool!

    J'ai chargé et utilisé. Il est très cool!

  5. I use Hyperwords it does a great job in translating the texts.


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