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February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day at Google

For Valentine's Day, Google prepared some special logos and design changes. Here's the kitschy Google Docs with custom icons and a prominent "Happy Valentine's Day!" at the top of the page (it reminds me of Slashdot's pink theme for April Fools' Day 2006: OMG!!! Ponies!!!).

Google Docs Pink Theme

There's an interesting doodle on the homepage:

...and YouTube has a commonplace logo:

Over the years, Google changed its logo and even linked to a Java animation. Last year, Gmail removed the invitations and Google surprised everyone with a doodle that seemed to miss a letter.

If you spot something different with Google's sites today, post it in the comments.

{ Thank you, Ilya and Nathan. }


  1. the little guy on Google Maps' Streetview is standing on a heart :)

    Via Google Sightseeing

  2. Any news on google Sites (the Google+jotspot integration)???

    I'm dying here!

  3. It's not "official" Google stuff, but the Google Earth Blog has a lengthy post about Hearts and Marriage Proposals in Google Earth.

  4. But i must Say Google is celebrating at its Best :)

    Blogger and Online Tips repository

  5. Why can't they give us the option of skinning their apps all the time. I have looked at the same boring blue stuff since Google started offering apps.

    At least yahoo let you skin the mail app.

  6. What a funny coincidence. I also
    this sweet decoration. I think Google had a good taste!

  7. ahhh thouse 2 old people are soooooo sweet. Google have done it again :)

  8. awwwww, that cuople. ABSOLUTE BABEE!!!!!! mega lolzi bayyyy

  9. this just brightens my day too see an old couple still together, it really makes me smile. ITS SOOOOOOOOOOO LOVELY TO SEE, I LOVE IT. lolzi.

  10. Google always one step a head in technology. You can expect anything from Google. They way they are moving I am afraid after some time there will be only one search engine. On every year they come up with new ideas and graphics.

  11. What an amazing company. To think that they tried to sell to yahoo in the beginning!

  12. It's amazing.. but It should have more surprises as I feel. like free calling system to lover.. any kind of message like Christmas season. :)

  13. Google's Valentine's Cartoon sent I.E. for a loop on my PC and finally locked up the whole machine!!! I thought the days of loop errors were over with the Commode 64!! Thank you Microsoft A-holes for showing me that you still can't write a program correctly. And you want me to buy into Windows 8!!!


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