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February 22, 2008

A Russian Ad for Gmail

This incredibly beautiful video is an ad created by Saatchi & Saatchi Moscow to promote Gmail in Russia. As Google Translate doesn't have speech recognition, I would be grateful if someone translates the message of Gmail's ad. From what I understand, the ad illustrates the human side of Gmail by recreating it in real life.

A related idea can be found in Be Kind Rewind's website, where the Internet is rebuilt from scratch.

{ Thank you, Maksym and Kristaps. }


  1. oh sorry my bad, adblock was hiding it

  2. original url:

  3. 0:52 Welcome to Gmail. Email in Google spirit. Simple, comfortable and functional.
    1:05 Directly to your mail is embedded google search. Simply enter senders name or any text from mail and you will find mails.
    1:25 In gmail you can mark most important mails by marking with stars, and when you need them again you can find them easy and fast by clicking menu with star.
    1:45 With gmail you will always have allot of space. Everyday growing space of mailbox will allow you store your messages as long as you want.
    2:00 Also in gmail you have chat. You will know who's online by looking at green dot. Just click name to enter chat and talk with friends in real time without leaving mail box.
    2:25 One more function of gmail is good protection from spam. It will put all mails to spam folder without trashing your mailbox.
    2:35 and at last - you can check your mail from mobile fone. Just enter and you will can download application for easy work with gmail.
    3:07 get mail on

  4. music by The Go Team?

  5. GameBit got the translation right. i can confirm that :)

  6. Cool ad!!
    Confirm the Gamebit translation too :-)

  7. Chat Messages on 2.20:
    Larin: Hi! How are you?
    I: Hi! Goo, how are you?
    Larin: I'm ok too. Lets go to the
    I: Lets go! Which movie?
    Larin: I'll look what is shown right now ..
    I: Ok.

    Greate ADD! Russians Creaters rulez! =)

  8. The problem for Gmail in Russia is that most people are used to .ru first-level domains and are likely to type in gmail.RU and this domain name is held by a cybersquatter who made quite a sh*tty webmail there resembling Gmail by logo. It exists for a couple of years at least and I believe the domain name owner wants too much for Google to buy it from them.

  9. It is a plagiarism of this other clip :

  10. I was wondering if anyone could identify the song in the background-- it *does* sound like The Go Team's "Panther Dash," but it's significantly different.

    I know on one song-- I think it's "Feelgood by Numbers" they had one of the songs from the Charlie Brown specials, but then re-recorded a similar but different track when they couldn't secure sampling rights... Maybe this song is another one that was originally sampled, and then a similar but significantly different section was recorded when rights weren't given?

  11. Interesting. Thanks!

  12. Russian hackers cracked the GMAIl Captcha :

  13. It's really creative ad. I think it's very big PLUS for Google's battle in Ukraine and Russia against Yandex :)

  14. Here is the same video with english subtitles:

  15. GameBit got the translation right. i can confirm that :)

  16. Awesome AD! I like it! Thank you guys!


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