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March 27, 2008

YouTube Shows Stats for Your Videos

Now you can find some basic statistical data about the videos you've uploaded to YouTube. For each of your videos, you can view a chart that shows the number of daily views and the evolution of your videos' popularity. The stats can be restricted to a continent or to a country and you can also see the countries where your videos are more popular.

"How does this help you? Well, using these metrics, you can increase your videos' view counts and improve your popularity on the site. For instance, you might learn that your videos are most popular on Wednesdays, that you have a huge following in Spain, or that new videos that play off previous content become more popular more quickly," suggests YouTube's blog.

The analytics data is really basic and doesn't include a lot of interesting information like the sites that embed your videos, the most important sources of traffic, how many people view the full video or play it again etc.

To find your video stats, go to your YouTube account and click on "About this video".


  1. sort of a lite version of analytics; minimum day limit to see the stats is 5, but the parameter can be modified to show, say, viewcounts for last 2 days #viewcount-world--13963-2

  2. YouTube now shows "About Your Videos" which shows the Total Views of your videos. I'm confused by this stat bc my current video only shows 75 views (on the actual video page) but the Total Views says 251. I'm wondering if it's including old videos that I uploaded then deleted? Anyone know?


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