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March 27, 2008

Google Street View Gets a New Update

Google Street View added imagery for 13 more US cities and for the Yosemite National Park. The new cities are: Albuquerque, Anchorage, Austin, Cleveland, Fairbanks, Little Rock, Madison, Nashville, Rockford, Richmond, Spokane, St. Petersburg, Tampa. The total number of places where Street View is available has increased to 48 and it's likely that Google will add imagery from outside of the US in the near future.

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Street View can now be added to any Google Maps mashup since the API supports it. "The API allows you to embed one or multiple panoramas in any location on a site and move, remove, hide and unhide them as necessary. Panoramas can also be easily integrated with the rest of the Google Maps API to allow synchronization between the map and the panorama viewer," explains James McGill, from the Maps API team. And instead of posting screenshots, you can embed the full panoramic views by clicking on "Link to this page" and copying the HTML code in your site.


  1. Interestingly, there's a lot of photos of the middle of nowhere...

    a dirt road

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  3. Well, I'm just a LITTLE disappointed that they are taking pictures of all the rocks and trees along a California highway rather than the thousands of business establishments along the main highway in my beach community.

    Isn't the point of Street View to get a peek at an address you might be going to in order to help you find things? The Microsoft helicopters have already been here. I'm looking forward to seeing the Google van soon.

  4. It looks like the highway pics just come from Google vans that were passing from city to city. Hey, if you're going thru, might as well photograph it.

    As for the Microsoft helicopters, I imagine it's rather easier to fly over an area than to drive down every street. Just remember that Google Street View provides *much* closer up views that are actually useful for looking up addresses (where it's available).
    (I've heard Microsoft fanboys, or Google-haters, proclaim how "lame" Google Street View is compared to Live Map's Birds-eye view, and I honestly can't understand how they came to that comparison.)

  5. Why do they still leave important cities, like Baltimore and DC, off?

  6. Who knows, perhaps there are legalities, or local firms are unavailable for the image-grabbing. They just farm that stuff out to local drivers, am I correct? There's no "Google Van", as I understood..

  7. Try going along 6th Avenue in Anchorage, AK. Looks like somebody forgot to clean the camera. You can barely see anything

  8. @Max

    DC may have been photographed.

    See this Article:
    DCist Article: GMaps Street View Coming to D.C.?

    But I am guessing the wikipedia notes is right, that there are security concerns holding up the release.

    See wiki article here:
    Wiki Article: Google Street view

  9. i live in a small town in massachussetts and they already have street view up for all of the streets in the surrounding towns too!

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  11. How do they get the street view photos

  12. This google tool is just an amazing, you can actually plan your trip before even going there and see how places look like in reality.


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