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March 24, 2008

Search for iGoogle Themes

With more than 360 themes, iGoogle should have something for everyone. From Chinese floral designs to clean green, from raspberry cakes to an yellow Escher theme, from intricate patterns to Mr. Bison's quirky days, from pink flowers to dark summers, from Studio Ghibli to the Yellow Lab Puppy, users have created great themes.

Now you can actually find some beautiful themes using the new search box: for example, searching for [dynamic], you'll find themes that change throughout the day.

If you find a theme you really like, post its name in the comments.

{ Thank you, Cody Sherman. }


  1. Why do new themes have to be posted to a list?

    It would be fun to just be able to invent your own themes and have the graphics saved in your Google account for your own use (with omission of certain Google required items disallowed automatically). The current process seems unnecessarily cumbersome.

    And does anybody know why do ALL of the themes other than the default blank one take up a quarter inch more space from top to bottom? I find this annoying. I'd love to see some cute graphic up there, but I have no desire to lose screen real-estate for it.

    To view this screen I'm typing on there are count-em: FIVE top-side horizontal bars of reserved space (by the OS-GUI, Firefox, Toolbar, Tabs, and Blogger and on the bottom anywhere from two to four more lines of space, again reserved without much ability by me to turn off the relatively static content found there. Increasingly my view of the web looks like peering out of a tanks turret in anticipation of hostile fire. Enough already! I paid extra for a wide screen, and two thirds of it on both side go unused most of the time. Is it just me?

  2. I posted about two iGoogle theme editors in January, but I agree that Google should make it easy to create simple themes and share them with your friends. Unfortunately, it's difficult to create a good theme, so Google should include some templates.

  3. @macbeach - I've tweaked Firefox to be a bit more widescreen-friendly by consolidating all of the toolbars and installing the Vertigo Tab extension, - it moves your tabs to the left side of the browser window in a vertical list.

    I also try to take advantage of pages/apps that will open in the sidebar. I really wish I had bought a widescreen monitor with the vertical swivel!

  4. There's also now a third-party iGoogle theme directory called inThemes.

  5. Wow, I love the Studio Ghibli theme. One of the best in the Directory!!


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