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March 31, 2008

Google Still Doesn't Know Where to Place Related Searches

Google tries to place the related searches in a more prominent position, but it hasn't figured out what's the right place. Related searches are currently displayed at the bottom of the search results pages and include queries that narrow or expand your search.

Last year, Google added two experimental views that placed the related searches at the left and at the right of the page.

The two experiments have been removed from Google Labs and now Google tests another location: below the search box.

Some people also noticed that Google Suggest is tested as a default feature. In many cases, there are overlaps between the related searches and the suggestions, but Google Suggests hopes to improve your query before you perform a search.

Last year, Yahoo added a search assistent that combines autocomplete with related searches and only appears if you type some letters from a word and then stop for a couple of seconds. Even before Yahoo introduced Search Assist, the innovative implemented an entire sidebar that makes it easy to find related names, concepts and other suggestions.

Improving queries by making them more precise is a major challenge for search engines, who often have to find answers for queries like [Vista], [guitar] or [car].


  1. I think has the best search results layout. I love the sidebars on both sides. The left one gives suggestions and the right one gives wikipedia,dictionary,images,video and weather.
    Can I use this layout with Google search engine?

  2. they must put it on the left side
    i think that's the best place to put it, it's easy.

    cool post ;)

  3. Ask's music-playing sidebar is pretty cool. For being the little guy, they've got a lot going for them. It's just too bad that I've found Google's results to be more relevant. Also, Ask's mapping feature is so ancient and cluttered.

  4. While searching for pittsburgh transit yesterday I noticed that the local business results were the number three result, rather than their usual top of the page position.

  5. Well, I think that relevant results would take the best is vertically displayed on the right side, where AdWords are.
    About the advertising, the announcement should be split in three groups and place respectively on the top, in the middle and at the end of the page.
    3 announce per groups. This mean increase the number of announcement and the possibility to better optimize the CPC.

  6. Well, I think that relevant results would take the best is vertically displayed on the left side like the example.


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