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April 16, 2008

An Outdoor Campaign for Google Video

This very interesting outdoor campaign for Google Video Germany used a billboard imitating a real-life video player that captures the life as it happens. The tagline is "any film you can imagine", a simple message that encourages people to search for videos and to upload their own videos. AdFreak has an interesting explanation for the unusual idea: the see-through billboards suggest "that online video presents life in all its glorious randomness".

It's not very clear if the campaign was launched before or after the YouTube acquisition, but the fact that the video embedded below is from YouTube tells a lot about Google Video's success.


  1. embedded with a youtube player. funny. it's less funny now that Google owns youtube, but still funny.

    (enjoy your site very much, btw)

  2. Sincerely, do you work for google ? And if yes , in your free time you are still working for them ? Or you just love them ?

  3. it's a shame that Google Video is slowly dieing. Personally I preferred it to Youtube.

    Maybe we should upload some videos of people shop lifting :-) When was the last time you heard someone got arrested because of a Video on Google Video?

  4. i am realy upset that know google made a slow google video engine.
    so i want to say to that google is the best then the other engine so why
    google down our repodation


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