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April 20, 2008

Google Phishing Warning

After flagging search results that distribute malware, Google will also show warnings for web pages used for phishing. Most of these pages are active one or two days before they are taken down by hosting providers, but some of them could be indexed by search engines. While the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera have anti-phishing protection, a new security layer still have some usefulness.

"Warning - phishing (web forgery) suspected. The site you are trying to visit has been identified as a forgery, intended to trick you into disclosing financial, personal or other sensitive information," mentions the page displayed by Google instead of the search result.

Google also has a Safe Browsing API "that enables client applications to check URLs against Google's constantly updated blacklists of suspected phishing and malware pages." The API is used by Firefox and Google Desktop.



    1. Using the client browser go to the main Google Search page.

    2. Click on the "Preferences" link on the right.

    3. Under Safe Search Filtering click on the "Do not filter my search results" radio button.

    4. Click the "Save Preferences" button on the bottom. That's it!

  2. will this affect me if i am a linux user

  3. Google is flagging my site as a phishing site and it's not. It's strictly informational and we ask for no user information anywhere! I filled out the "this is a mistake" button and requested a review. This is really bad for my business. 90% of my web visitors come from Google. If you're going to use this, you should be sure of things before you label websites.

  4. do something about it...its been reported but why the hell it still shows up?!!!!

  5. We are looking for anyone who's business has been impacted because of Google's inability to remove the warning sign they approved and displays with no intend of correcting any mistake while a site is legally operating. We are preparing a class action law suit which will cost Google a very large sum of money and maybe will assist future site owners by preventing arbitrary listing on Google phishing list and Google total lack of responsivness regarding such topic. Please email your case at

  6. I think this sucks - I have been warned by Google that two of my sites have been flagged. The reason is that the one site requests that people register in order to have a username and password so that they can access a download of some of our software.
    We reserve the right to know who is downloading our software so that we can contact them to ask if they need any assistance.
    The other site flagged by Google has no such requests on it - it is a site for a museum run entirely by volunteers as a public service - for God's sake Google, get your act together!

  7. Looking at the date of the above posts, it is disappointing that Google has chosen to ignore the problem. I have a site with about a dozen addon domains - many of which are sites for charitable or similar organisations - which I have set up on a pro bono basis. None of the sites are illegal in any way. It is strange how large organisations work hard to go to the top and then do something stupid and shoot themselves in the foot!

  8. I have a solution for my own searches, I think I'll start using Bing or any other search engine. This is fucking bullshit. My own sites have not been affected.. YET, but every time I browse the internet that damn message comes up and STAYS there, with no other choice than to exit the site. It is the most frustrating thing since Internet Explorer, and I intend to just quit using Google myself. Screw that other idea of going to preferences and changing the settings.. Google has fucked up big time.

  9. I get emails from people in my contact list that have corrupt websites... This is retarded. A company like google should have enough resources to protect its users from hackers...

  10. it can't be fixed, apparently! I tried as anonymous said, and it still doesn't open the site I want it to!

  11. FYI -- If you have a site that you think is incorrectly labelled as phishing you can submit it to Google here:


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