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April 29, 2008

Google Combines Driving Directions with Street View

Google Maps finally made Street View imagery useful by integrating it with driving directions. If you try to find driving directions in one of the 42 US cities that have Street View images, Google will include these images for each intersection. "It's not always easy to find your way around an unfamiliar place. To help with this, we've been hard at work integrating Street View into the driving directions feature of Google Maps so that now you can preview your route before hitting the road," says Google Lat Long Blog.

This sample for Google Maps API shows an even cooler connection between Street View and driving directions.


  1. The same idea applied at a different scale.

  2. I would expect that Google Maps with all such nice features will become the major revenues of Google. There will might be GPS system integrated with Google Maps and 3G network. Google Maps will become partners of local traffic authorities around the world.

  3. Street View just doubled in usefulness.

  4. this isnt that great... i mean the fact that they can interface the two is elementary and something that was bound to be spawned by someone on the google crack team. what they really need to do it make it so u can automate the drive, thus giving the feel of the area without having to click next every .2 seconds.


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