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April 3, 2008

Which Tips from This Blog Are Still Valuable for You?

One problem with blogs that recommend all kids of tips, software, browser add-ons, web applications is that very few will be actually used by someone. I tried to only link to great software, useful Firefox extensions and Greasemonkey scripts, difficult-to-find Google tips, but quality is subjective.

I still view the latest videos from my YouTube subscriptions inside Google Reader, I log into Google using an alternate username, I upload files using drag and drop and share blog posts from the web to my Google Reader link blog, Google Cache is still useful to navigate inside a web site when it's inaccessible and linking to web pages using Google AJAX Search is very convenient. Gmail's built-in labels are great for creating filters or complex queries, wildcards are one of the ways I extract facts from Google search, while Interclue is a smart and unobtrusive link previewer.

Which tips that you first read here are still valuable for you?


  1. I read most of google's blogs, but still find this blog a must have. I enjoy reading little known facts, tips and tricks. I also enjoy rants on google's products. I like to hear more 3rd party apps and how they work with google products.

    Keep up the good work.

    ps. I wouldn't mind ads on tastefull apps on the RSS feed.

  2. Just keep doing what you're doing. You're doing a great job. :)

  3. i hate rumours, and youre the king of them.

  4. Mostly tips and tricks, but also news (particularly on new GDocs, GMail and GReader features).
    I also like your comparisons with other services and criticisms of Google, which are usually fairly balanced and objective.
    Recently I added a tag (called «a-list») on my top10 GReader feeds, and guess what... GOS was there!

  5. More tips, good finds like firefox extensions.
    By the way, check out this one:

    You can highlight web pages, and they are stored inside google bookmarks.

  6. you seem to be pro-pro-google and doesnt appreciate if somebody else(especially yahoo or microsoft) creates better applications/services.

  7. I've been a Google user (Reader, Docs, Blogger, etc) for years now, but I've never been a "power-user". I use your blog for those power-user tips and tricks.
    I agree, that you're doing a great service to all of your readers. Keep at it!

  8. It's a blog about Google so you should be pro-Google. You do admits Google's weakness at times, when deserved. I'm quite impressed.

  9. This blog is already pretty good.

    I would like to read more suggestions for third-party apps, which may or may not be related to Google.

    And, sometimes I think your view on Google is a little bit biased. That could turn down some readers while it doesn't much affect me who just "love" Google's products. =)

  10. "Just keep doing what you're doing. You're doing a great job. :)"

    That says it all. When you regularly publish new features before any official Google blog has posted, include more links to videos, and tell us more about the new feature and potential uses, the quality of this blog is seriously the best one-stop shopping on the web for news about Google.

    Some articles don't relate to me as much as others, and so I may not be as inclined to read them, but everyone has their own interests, and I think you're doing a great job at catering to a bunch of crowds. I am not a publisher or use AdWords or AdSense or GWT or Google Code or Orkut.

  11. Great tips and tricks, esp. about undocumented features like hidden labels and Google Reader's dismissed recommendations.

  12. In your blog I click links to your older posts to get some background info to recall older news. (By the way, I sometimes look at my own Google FAQ website for information when I answer questions in Google's official forums.)

  13. My favorites are notices about new Google services (I usually hear about them here before anywhere else). Also, the "it would be cool if..." posts tend to fire up my imagination a little, so I like those as well. I generally skip anything that has to do with external software, but their presence doesn't really bother me. +1 to michael's "keep doing what you're doing."

  14. Well, I'm really minimalistic when choosing software or extensions (I use nothing more than Googlebar + Googlepedia, regarding Google), so writing that I actually use few of your advice doesn't tell that much. Anyway, I installed Google Desktop after reading
    and I used it according to your tips.

    Anyway, this is one of the three blogs I read, and the number one when it comes to software/extensions (Google Blogoscoped has different good points). Please keep up the very good work!

  15. I really enjoy your blog. It provides me with the information about all things Google.
    Really all of what you write I find useful and it is on my "daily read" list.
    I know that you rely on others to send you stuff - I am still puzzled about Google Apps (the sort you register for either as an individual or for a school). Can anybody throw more light on this?

  16. I find your posts informative no matter what you cover--there's always something! However, haven't seen much in the way of Jaiku/Twitter or similar microblogging tools (unless I missed it?)

    Either way, it's good stuff!

  17. your blog is one of my absolute favorites. Every 2nd or 3rd post I find so valuable that I star it for myself in Google Reader. What is personally for me interesting for the future is this problem: (from a post I wrote myself yesterday on our Art Blog)

    "Google sites and Google Pages are confusing, the problems of integration into something smooth...

    What I would have preferred: Just integrate the simple and working Blogger system into a smooth content production system, where f.e. is a "Meta-Blog" or "Big-Boss-Blog" ahead, and by group members created new content relates either as "new blog posts" or as "sub-Blogs" to the "Meta-Blog"

    I of course see the principle here is close to creating blog pages, but the interface is closer to Google Docs and quite confusing to get the pieces of Google pages,sites,docs,domains,apps and blogs together into something smooth running....

    From 40 members of the Art Club Caucasus are 4 or 5 able to write a post on our blog (co-authors) how could I now to those and the others explain all the different pieces, I can hardly connect myself with being very active on the whole "create-department for 10 years now ??""

    Best regards from Tbilisi and thanks a lot for your work ! Hans

  18. This is probably my favourite blog/rss feed a the moment. Keep up the good work.
    P.s. I havn't noticed any bias towards google. You acknowledge any weaknesses in google and strengths in other search engines.

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