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November 14, 2008

URLs for iPhone-Optimized Google Sites

Google's interfaces optimized for iPhone, Android and WebKit-based browsers look extremely well and they have more features than the standard mobile versions. For example, Google's homepage shows suggestions and has customizable navigation links, iGoogle shows all your feeds and gadgets and Google Talk lets you chat with your contacts. If you want to try them from your computer or from a mobile phone that has a modern browser, here are the direct links (some of the pages won't work very well):

* Google homepage (the unified interface codenamed "Grand Prix") -
* Google Apps homepage -
* iGoogle -
* Gmail - (new version), (old version)
* Google Calendar -
* Google Reader -
* Google Docs -
* Google Talk -
* Google News -

iPhone-optimized Google Reader in Firefox


  1. What? No mention of Orkut? ;-)



    There are already two native iPhone apps for Google Reader and Google Calendar made by third party companies.

    Byline (for gReader) and SaiSuke (for gCalendar).

  2. this page is useful

  3. Just when I think I'm too grown up to love Google anymore...they're like my new Santa.

  4. looking forward to see s60 optimized versions - those iPhone ones look quite well, but there are some displaying bugs connected with lower screen resolution (240px is not wide enough).

  5. Google is going to own the mobile web space. That's good news for all of us!

  6. Anyway to get these sites to work on Blackberry Bold browser? I guess the one that comes on the device is not a "modern" browser... anyone tried these with Opera?

  7. yes. I use them with Opera mini 4.x -> they work (almost) fine - no Ajax.
    Reader works very good, Gmail works so-so (Java app is better)
    Opera mobile should probably be better.

  8. Thank you for this good post.

  9. Google is really everywhere.

  10. I only wish that the iphone version of gmail paid attention to the width of the browser. On my n810 and here in google chrome it displays the site as a narrow strip like the iphone in portrait orientation.

  11. in iGoogle I have a comics tab for Dilbert and Peanuts comic gadgets but it doesnt display those comics on the mobile version.


    Gets you to APPS-Talk

  13. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be mobile support for the Google Apps version of iGoogle, the "partnerpage" links.

    The other Google Apps services seem to come up just fine in an iPhone-optimized format, but the actual personalized start page does not, even though iGoogle does.

    It does appear that iGoogle and Google Apps start pages are running a different code base, but I am wondering if the iGoogle features are going to trickle into the Google Apps world any time soon.... It's been over a year and the Google Apps partner pages remain as boring as ever in comparison to iGoogle.

  14. Google Apps partner pages use an outdated version of iGoogle, so I'd expect to be upgraded to the new iGoogle when it will be fully released.

  15. I haven't been able to find a way to edit my existing Google Calendar entries using my iPhone. Has anyone else had luck with this?

  16. They need to get the calendar one more then read only

    One news site I use for iPhone is

  17. Other than google reader why do the rest of the apps behave really weird on opera with htc diamond. For example the gmail app keeps scrolling to the top automatically and doesn't allow the user to scroll?

  18. I searched for a solution for the 'auto top scrolling' issue. It turns out that one line of javascripts needs to disabled. I made a GreaseMonkey script that removed "window.scrollTo(0,1)" from the following line:
    N.prototype.$=function(a,b){var c=a||window.orientation||0;;var d=this.j(this.h);if(c==0){"320px";b&&_IframeEmbeddedExecution&&window.scrollTo(0,1)}else"480px"};

    The only downside is now that is works in the normal browser, but not in the sidebar. This is because GreaseMonkey does not support the Firefox Sidebar ( Anyone nows a trick to enable the sidebar with GM?

  19. 2000 iphone compatible sites at


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