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November 11, 2008

Contact Forms in Google Profiles

If you enable "Allow people to contact me through my profile (without showing my email address)" in your Google Profile, people who find your profile can contact you. Google provides a contact form that sends all the messages to your main email address. "We've set some limits on how often messages can be sent and received, and you can disable the feature at any time by editing your profile and deselecting the checkbox," explains Google.

At the bottom of the email, Google shows an explanation:

"This message was sent to you from your Google profile. The sender does not have your email address. If you no longer wish to receive messages from your Google profile, you may edit your settings at".

{ via GoogleWatchBlog }


  1. Google is definitely getting more social, I wonder when they will come out with a facebook killer?

  2. Google is moving post-Facebook. Facebook is like an island where people congregate and socialize. Google is smart enough to realize that you don't want to control an island when you can control the airlines and telephone lines into and out of the island.

    Google will incentivize people to build their own islands so that they get their own communities while giving users the ability to easily jump from island to island.

    This is their MO and it has worked very well for them. Running an island requires alot of hands on work - which isn't Google's strong suit. They're better suited to facilitating users of these systems rather than running one themselves.

    The important point is that there will be hundreds of major communities in the future social networking space - no one group will be able to control a majority of them. Google wins by acting as a broad-based intermediary.

  3. looks like you have to sign-in to Google to be able to send a message. that's too bad as many non-Google users out there would look at my profile... :(

  4. Google is becoming mega intrusive.
    Most people are indoctrinated into the google culture when really, most of us only ever want a decent search engine....which it once was..arguably the best.
    Personally, I don't want targeted ads and customisations beyond specifying a preferred language perhaps.
    The latest Igoogle has removed my ability to search only within my locality - UK, leaving me to trawl 20 times more sites before I find a UK supplier. Additionally, I am now plagued with pop up warnings from 'goole' which I presume is a deliberate miss spell of google....sorry but I'm gone!.....assuming I can find a decent searchengine that isn't owned by time..

  5. Google is best in everything except social media.


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