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November 5, 2008

View Office Open XML Files as HTML

Google started to support Microsoft's Office Open XML formats in Gmail and web search. You can now view as HTML documents created using Microsoft Office 2007: .docx documents, .xslx spreadsheets and .pptx presentations.

Google Docs doesn't yet support importing Open XML files, but you can use online services like Zamzar, Zoho Writer or software like OpenOffice 3.0, Microsoft Office 2007 or Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack to convert your files.

{ Thanks, Sushovan De. }


  1. Good news! Looking forward for full open XML files' support.

  2. Can I use GoogleDesktop to view a local .docx/.xlsx file in html?

  3. @TheGuth:
    Yes, Google Desktop indexes docx/xlsx/pptx files and you can use it to preview search results.

  4. Who cares news! Looking forward for full forgetting of open XML... blah

  5. "Google Docs doesn't yet support importing Open XML files"

    that's just sad!


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