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February 24, 2009

Google Toolbar 6 with Quick Search Box

Google Toolbar 6 for Internet Explorer, released in beta today, doesn't have too many new features: the integration with Google Notebook has been removed, the "new tab" page from Google Chrome is displayed when you open a new tab and there's a completely unrelated application bundled with the toolbar. Quick Search Box is already available for iPhone and Mac and now it's part of Google Toolbar 6.

The new application can be launched by clicking on the Google logo on the taskbar or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Space. It combines a program launcher with a search box and it shows suggestions, web addresses and results for simple calculations.

"Sometimes, multi-tasking on the computer can be a maddening process if you have to constantly switch between different programs and files. Try using the Quick Search Box: it lets you easily search both your computer and the Web from a slick-looking search box that comes up only when you need it," explains Google.

Quick Search Box is similar to the homonymous feature from Google Desktop, which only shows results from your computer. It borrows the mix of search suggestions and navigation predictions from Chrome's Omnibox, while opening web pages in your default browser.

Google should have released Quick Search Box as a separate application or in a future version of Google Desktop. As it looks now, Quick Search Box doesn't offer enough functionality to replace Windows Vista's search box or application launchers like Launchy, the new feature will certainly confuse Google Desktop users and it's not very clear what's the connection with Google Toolbar.


  1. Ctrl-Space is usually used for IME toggle in east Asia version Windows, so this may be a problem...

  2. The shortcut can be changed to: Ctrl+Ctrl, Alt+Space, Caps Lock, Windows Key or turned off completely.

  3. This post didn't mention whether it's possible to opt out from having the Quick Search Box installed. Is it possible to install the Google Toolbar 6 for Internet Explorer without installing the Quick Search Box?

  4. The page at Google Desktop you linked to seems to suggest that Desktop's and Toolbar's Quick Search Boxes are really one and the same.
    Or at least that they plan to merge them.

    It would be nice if they released this separately, though at least installing Google Toolbar for IE won't affect me the way installing Google Desktop would, since I don't use IE. And since I have Google Toolbar for IE installed already anyways, just for kicks.

  5. Nice, you can install the toolbar on your IE and when you use the Ctrl+Space search box (by the way, the shortcut can be changed) it will use your default browser, so I recommend it even to Chrome users.

  6. It can be disabled from Toolbar's settings (uncheck "Show quick search box outside the browser").

  7. It's like Launchy !

  8. I view the desktop help page, which said 'If you're using the latest version of Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer, you may have a Google button on your taskbar, which also launches the Quick Search Box. '.
    The Google Desktop help page has already point out the 6 beta version has a quick search box.

  9. i have check the following page:
    it told me i can use the google desktop keyboard shorcut to launch the quick search box.

  10. Argh. All I WANT is this quick search box... but I don't want to install Google Desktop (on Vista it isn't that helpful), and I run Firefox, which apparently doesn't HAVE the quick search box.

    Make the CTRL-CTRL Quick Search Box a separate tiny app. It's perfect as is!

  11. Since Google Notebook isn't supported by Toolbar 6, what do I have to do to remove Toolbar 6 and go back to version 5? I need my Notebook access. It really sucks Google started Notebook and then took it away (and now seems to be unsupportive of its existence!).

  12. I am SO with Anonymous 4/8/09 2:07PM PDT... Where oh where is my little BLESSED Google Notebook Icon?!?!

    Come on, guys! There are a million stupid things that can go up there, why not one of your best ideas yet??


  13. I use Ctrl-space as my Launchy hotkey, but this seems to be interfering with it. Even after I disable the quick search thing, I can't get Launchy to come up.

  14. Help me.
    I am using Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit and IE8.
    My google toolbar version is
    Version: 6.2.1910.1554/en (GGLL)
    Notifier Version: 5.2.4204.1700
    Dictionary Compression Version: 1.0.1801.150

    I am not able to use quick search box. It is not included in the installation.

  15. Does anyone know how to install this Quick Search. I read all of the instructions and it said it will be installed of you install the google toolbar. I did that and nothing happens. I even clicked on the wrench for the toolbar options and there is no box that says "show in taskbar." I am running windows 7 with internet explorer 8. Does anyone have any ideas on how i can fix this?

  16. @Anon:

    Install the latest version from Google Toolbar's homepage (6.4.1208.1530). If it doesn't work for you, download the software from Filehippo.

  17. hello I've had this application google ctrl space but now that I formatted the laptop can not use this application over someone I'll tell you why?

  18. Caps Lock - - should be the default


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