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February 20, 2009

Google Video, Back in Google's Main Navigation

Google Video replaced Product Search in Google's main navigation, now that Google's comparison shopping site started to become popular.

Google Video first replaced Froogle on the homepage in 2006, two months before Google acquired YouTube.

A year later, Froogle replaced Google Video on the homepage and it was rebranded as Google Product Search.

And now Google Video is back on Google's main navigation, while Froogle is available in the "more" drop-down.


  1. Hmm I use the shopping thing all the time. Once a day on average.

  2. I don't understand why they don't just keep both up there? Or better yet- why not allow users to define what goes up there under their google profile settings?

  3. Until they do: isn't there a greasemonkey script to let you modify them yet?
    I would almost pay to have control, we want to have the things we use up there, google wants the thing s they want us to use up there. Not always the same thing!

  4. son_of_malcom:

  5. Of course, in saying that Google Video is back, what you really mean is that Google Video is dead and Google Video Search now indexes YouTube and Viddler and Veoh and....

  6. Weird since I thought they were going to kill Google Video eventually.

    At least they are stopping the ability to upload on Google Video:

  7. @Anonymous: Google will not kill gVideo... their actually replacing it into a video search engine. (That is why Google wanted other websites to use Media RSS so that they could easily indexed their videos and more searchable). ALthough they turned down their uploads.. you can still upload your video to Google's own Picasa and Youtube... :)

  8. or Maybe not!
    I used Chrome and it displayed in this format:
    Web, Images, News, Groups, Scholar, Gmail, more ▼].

    While in IE, it shows:
    Web, Images, Maps, News, Video, Gmail, more ▼].

  9. @Anon:
    That's because you're redirected to a non-US English version of Google. The navigation links are different for some localized versions of for example, orkut is included in the main navigation for Google Brasil, while Google Dictionary has been added to Google Korea's homepage. This post is about the US version of Google, available at

  10. i prefer google videos to youtube any day. I have to keep finding ways to put it back in my main nav bar.


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