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February 14, 2009

Find Interesting Places in Google Maps

When you search for the name of a city or an address, Google Maps lists interesting places from that location and illustrates them with excerpts from Wikipedia articles. To find other locations that have Wikipedia articles, click "More" on the map and select "Wikipedia".

But even if Google highlights very few data layers, you can add to the map many other layers from the directory. For example, you can add the Webcams Worldwide layer to find webcams, the Virtual Tourism layer to explore 400 locations using YouTube videos or find places of interest.


  1. How do you remove them, though? I added a few to try out (thinking they'd appear as layers in the dropdown list where wikipedia, photos and videos layers are right now), but instead they all seemed to load at the same time... And visiting the directory again only shows the "add" buttons disabled, but no "remove" button/link!

  2. Google calls them mapplets. They're added to "My Maps", where you can also create personalized maps. Next to each mapplet, there's a small "x" that lets you remove the mapplet from your list. Another option is to deactivate the mapplet by using the checkbox.

    You can find a little bit more from Google's help center.

  3. And at this url you can watch the best mapplet in internet:

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  4. How do you remove the icons left behind on the Google Earth web page by the Spot Messenger?

  5. why bother travelling at all any more :-)

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  7. dont work... i try this aplet nothing in the map... maybe a problem ???
    i use firefox 3.6.6, i try in google chrome, dont work...

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