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June 23, 2009

New Options for Translating Web Pages

Google's translation service has more options when you translate web pages. You can now set a different destination language and translate a new web page by entering its address in the persistent input box. There's also a new interface that displays the translation in tooltips, so you can still read the original text.

Bing Translator, Microsoft's translation service, has an interesting option that shows the original page and the translation side by side, much like in Google Translator Toolkit. This interface is very useful for those who are familiar with multiple languages and Google should add it as an option.

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  1. All those new translation technologies are cool - I admit. But the quality is a big issue guys. Many webmasters are letting Google/Bing translating their web pages without thinking about potential implications to their brand/ name. Any decent translator would tell you that the gap between a text translated by Google/Bing and a text translated by a real human being (like in is stupendous. The automatic services cannot be treated with such an ease by their developers and users, unless they're here just for "playing with a cool idea".


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