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June 7, 2009

Google Video Adds Search Options

Google Video exposes some advanced search options directly on the search results pages: click on "show options" and you can choose between three layouts (TV view, list view, grid view), pick a duration interval, sort the results by date or view only the high-quality videos.

Google has recently added a similar feature for web search results and, even though it should make the advanced search options more visible, most users will never click on "show options" to find them.


  1. Operators "is" (is:free) and "genre" (genre:mature ^^) have been removed today.

  2. Advanced Video Search features "Sort by Views" and "Sort by Rating" need to added to these options....

  3. Google has done a great job this time..Video search is an amazing application...It helps you search the videos while viewing...great work google...


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