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September 13, 2009

Even More Recent Google Search Results

Ran Geva noticed that Google's date range restrictions have been extended and you can now find web pages indexed by Google less than one minute ago or even less than 10 seconds ago.

(Update. Google doesn't necessarily index web pages as soon as they're published, but the sites that use feeds or sitemaps are indexed pretty fast. With recent advancements like PubSubHubbub that provide real-time notifications for updates, the delay between publishing pages and finding them using Google will be further reduced.)

Click on "show options", select "past 24 hours" and tweak the URL by replacing "tbs=qdr:d" with "tbs=qdr:n" to find pages indexed in the past minute.

Example: a search for [Tiger Woods] restricted to almost real-time results.

The date restriction feature is quite flexible, but you need to know the syntax used by Google's URLs:


where [name] can be one of these values: s (second), n (minute), h (hour), d (day), w (week), m (month), y (year), while [value] is a number.

To find the web pages indexed less than 45 seconds ago that include the word "flu", use this URL:

Unfortunately, if you restrict the results to very recent web pages, Google shows a small sample and doesn't list all the results.

{ Thanks, Ran. }


  1. Does "published" mean "found by the Google web crawler"? I think Google can only include pages in their results that have been indexed. Depending on the importance of a page and how frequently it changes, it can take some time before the crawler visits the page again to see if it has changed. So I guess what you see here is not the real-time web, but the real-time Google index.

  2. Very cool and clearly a response to Twitter

  3. Much needed and appreciated feature. Kudos!

  4. I agree with Edu. Instead of "published or indexed by Google" shouldn't it be "indexed by Google" to avoid confusion.

  5. You're right. I updated the post and replaced "published" with "indexed". Thank you.

  6. can I put date restriction in the search box?

    like &tbs=qdr:d

    but in the search box ...

  7. Ran, you talk about the feed which helps the crawlers to index the site as soon as the content is posted can you tell me something more about this is detail.


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