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September 4, 2009

Random Gmail Theme

Gmail added 3 new themes to the gallery, but my favorite addition is an option that picks a random theme every day. If you can't decide which theme works best for you, select the "random" theme and Gmail will look different every morning.

Unfortunately, you can't skip the themes you don't like or at least pick a list of favorite themes.

A fresh mix: Gmail's Turf theme + Google Chrome's Grass theme

iGoogle has a similar theme sampler. "With this theme, you'll get to try out a new featured theme every day and decide whether you want to keep it."


  1. If they could correct some themes like 'Planets' or 'Fantasy' in order to have color of read messages different from color of read titles, it would be fine

    But this random theme is a fine idea, but they should prupoose it as an option where the choosen themes can be selected.

    So, good ideas, but still perfectible

  2. This is also not a bad idea but instead that selection criteria must be random which depends on random instance of time.
    Anyways this idea is also good and I will think more on this and will be back soon.

  3. A friend and I have noticed that the "random" theme is not random after all. Our theme changes at the same time, to the same theme, and has been doing so for the past week.

  4. I like randomness, especially in the background to something I look at most waking hours, that being my email and GTDInbox. It would help me if the themes were truly random, if I could select the ones I wanted to rotate through, and most importantly if the colors changed significantly to give my eyes a rest from looking at the same colors all the time.

    Couldn't someone clever with fuzzy math and fractiles figure out a way to create truly random themes with random colors that GMail could rotate through during the course of a day? Maybe pull images from some Internet repository of relevantly benign pictures (no maimed war orphans, bombed out neighborhoods, etc.) and re-color these. Or maybe do something like the Fantasea theme but with more variation. Even better, provide for some individuation but with stylistic guidelines so that individual users could tweek the theme without having to know enough to recreate it.


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