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September 10, 2009

Google Internet Stats

Google launched a microsite that collects Internet stats for the UK. "This Google resource brings together the latest industry facts and insights together in one place. These have been collected from a number of third party vendors covering a range of topics from macroscopic economic and media trends to how consumer behaviour and technology are changing over time."

Here are some interesting stats:

"In May 2009, Google had over 4.0 billion search page views in the UK." (Nielsen Netview, May 2009)

"20 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute." (YouTube, May 2009)

"Users are 1.5x more attentive when browsing YouTube than when watching TV." (Motorola with Mindshare and GM, partnered with YouTube, December 2008)

"Worldwide mobile phone subscription penetration is 61%." (eMarketer, March 2009)

"There are 1.6 billion people online worldwide, representing nearly 24% of the world's population." (, April 2009)

"60% of UK consumers would view ads to receive free content." (KPMG, April 2009)

{ via Steve Rubel }


  1. Of the 1.6 billion how many are using 56k/dsl/cable/t1?
    In the 61% how many phones have access to the internet?
    How long were the ads in the 60% that WOULD watch?

    Very interesting facts. Thank you.

  2. google is really awesome and i like to work there..... its ma dream job too

  3. Very interesting stats provided. Love to see more. It is really going to help in planning all our future marketing initiatives.

    Thanks Google.

  4. This is nonsensical rubbish. You don't link directly to the resource, which makes checking the 'fact' more difficult. The most recent facts are months out of date as far as I can tell. I doubt the authority of the facts, and if you're quoting stuff from magazines and newspapers, which you are, these are second hand at best. Finally, you're not even quoting a date, just a month. Useless waste of time.


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