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November 26, 2009

Google Bookmarks Promoted Search Results

If you are logged in to a Google account and you promote a search result using the SearchWiki icons, the web page is automatically saved to Google Bookmarks. For some reason, Google labels the web page using your query, so you'll end up with a long list of labels.

The list of SearchWiki annotations is already available at, but it's not searchable. Now the list of annotations is more discoverable, but it makes it more difficult to find your bookmarks.

Some users customize Google's results using SearchWiki to associate searches with their favorite web pages. Marissa Mayer said that, on average, "40% of searches on any given day are repeat searches for that user".


  1. This further confuses the clash between google bookmarks and bookmarks made through chrome

  2. I believe they will end up merging Google Bookmarks with Google Docs.

  3. That's a pretty bad idea!!! I don't expect my search wiki to end up in the bookmark and I don't want my labels to be my search terms too. :x

  4. Well, that's a damned bit annoying. It really screws up my GMarks. Now to find the scuttled-away checkbox to turn off this behavior....

  5. ya, its a bit messed up..just leads to confusion really..

  6. That's because they have finally understood they can use bookmarks to improve search ... so they confused the search wiki with your bookmarks because for them it is used the same way ie to improve search.

    Too bad Microsoft never understood they could use IE bookmarks to improve search. The more time passes by, the more I wonder about the stupidity of this company.


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