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November 2, 2009

Link to a Page in Google's Document Viewer

Google's Document Viewer lets you preview PDF files, PowerPoint presentations and TIFF files without installing additional software. It's great for linking to documents available online and for embedding them in a site.

If you want to link to a certain page from your document, adjust the URL. This is the link generated by Google for a PDF file:

To load a specific page in the document, you need to add a hash to the end of the URL. Page IDs are numbered sequentially like this:,,

So to load page #15 of the document, use this link:

The same trick works for the embedded viewer:

{ Thanks, Andy. }


  1. I think your post above needs a correction.,,

    should read:,,

  2. It doesn't work anymore... Is there any update?

  3. Google viewer is a life saver. I find myself many times working from different laptops where I don't have office, and it's really great you can open your word document practically from any computer with G viewer.

  4. +1 to stanza237's comment from way back when. I'd LOVE to use this feature, but it seems like it's no longer working. Any word? Thanks!

  5. Doesn't work! Google fix this!!!!!!!

  6. Today you can use (first page) and so on..

  7. Thanks Anonymous! (first page) and so on... is working still as of Jan/2012

  8. I think this method( (first page) and so on) is not working anymore :S

  9. : not working when embedding is true

    Works on IE and Chrome and show page 11
    If it can help.

  11. None of these work!!


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