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November 12, 2009

Better Search in Google Docs Viewer

Google's document viewer has a better search feature: you no longer have to manually locate the matches in the document. After performing a search, press Enter repeatedly to find the matches or click on the arrows placed below the search box.

The document viewer is used for the PDF files uploaded to Google Docs, for PDF/PPT/TIFF attachments in Gmail, for some PDF results in Google search and as a standalone service.

For some reason, Google Docs still doesn't index PDF files, so you can only find a file only if you know some words from its title.


  1. FINALLY! For a long time I thought something was wrong with me for accepting Google's PDF viewer with no real way to navigate to the matches

  2. I think that the more information that we gather and find useful in our lives is equally valuable that should be shared on a grand scale. Collecting such information is one thing but storage overflow is quite something else. Providing of course, that we have unrestricted rights entitling us to individual uploads for the purpose of sharing such document, universally.

  3. I’m tired of opening, saving, and deleting each individual PDF. I open so many that it got to a point where it was slowing me down.Thanks for the link. I will be sure to use it.


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