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November 3, 2010

An Android Keyboard that Uses Google Scribe

Google Scribe may not seem very useful, but it's one of the features that could significantly improve virtual keyboards from mobile phones. Instead of showing suggestions from a dictionary, Google Scribe can provide contextually-relevant suggestions.

Scrybe is a free Android keyboard that uses Google Scribe to generate suggestions. It's not developed by Google and it uses an unofficial Google Scribe API, but it's an interesting application.

Scrybe needs to fix many issues to become really useful. If you delete some letters from word, Scrybe is not able to detect that you're not writing a new word. Another problem is that you can't type very fast because Scrybe tries to fetch the suggestions.

Reddit users think that SwiftKey has a better approach: it preloads the data, so there's no lag. "So this is basically the same thing as SwiftKey, but offloaded to Google's servers? Seems to work well, but no better (and slower) than SwiftKey," says Podspi. SwiftKey is $3.99 and there's a two-week trial.

{ Thanks, David M. }


  1. Rather slow to predict & only seems to predict in sms's (ie didn't in email/search), but much smaller memory footprint 112KB!(~5% the size of some others) and didn't require a re-boot to get it working :-)

  2. it's nice keywords and work easily on it..I also like that

  3. you mention in your article that in this system still some problem you have!i know you sort out that kind of problem quickly

  4. It becomes a choice between Scrybe or Swype. Both are useful and would like both options.

  5. "Another problem is that you can't type very fast because Scrybe tries to fetch the suggestions."

    Ahh, that would annoy me so much! Hate when things do that...

  6. In my opinion Swype is much better.

  7. Yes Lisa, I would have to agree with you on this one!


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