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July 29, 2010

Find Blogs Using Google Blog Search

I remember that someone asked Matt Cutts if Google could restrict search results to homepages. He answered that it's a good suggestion, but adding [-inurl:html -inurl:htm] to your query works pretty well.

Now you can restrict Google results to homepages, but only if you're looking for blogs. Google Blog Search has always highlighted a small number of blogs related to your query and now you can find even more blogs by clicking on the "homepages" filter from Google's sidebar. Google's definitions of blogs is vague and it's likely that any site that offers feeds is included in Google Blog Search's index.

"We've updated Google Blogsearch to make it easier to find blogs that match your query, instead of just finding blog posts. The blogs tool on Google search results filters your results so you see only blog posts. We've added a homepages option that shows a full set of blogs related to your query," informs Jeremy Hylton in a Buzz post. Here are some examples: [tesla car], [google], [android].

{ spotted by Fran├žois Beaufort. }


  1. Well whatever Jeremy Hylton might say this is not new ...

  2. Until now, Blog Search listed up to 5 blogs at the top of the search results (example). Google search added a filter that shows more than 5 blogs (example). BTW, Jeremy Hylton is a software engineer at Google.

  3. That's right, Alex. We've always shown some related blogs, but the new filter allows you to see more than five results. We've also made some recent ranking changes to promote blogs over non-blogs, although there's still a lot of room for improvement.

  4. Could anybody tell how to find the blogs that implemented blog search widget on their blogs.Thanks in advace


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