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July 21, 2010

Google Image Search Bugs

The most significant Google Image Search redesign comes with many useful features and a lot of bugs.

If you type a query in Google Image Search, click on the search button, scroll the page, click on the Google logo, type another query and select the "images" option, Google scrolls to a random part of the page. For example, it could scroll to the page 57.

Another issue is that Google's large thumbnails for PNG files are sometimes pixelated JPEGs.

Clicking on the "more" link in Google's sidebar refreshes the page and doesn't show additional Google services. When you go back to the results page after clicking on the results, you need to wait until Google scrolls to the right position and some of the images are loaded again. Scroll the results page, resize the browser's window and you'll notice that Google readjusts the images and jumps to the top of the page.

The new interface has too many bugs and should have been tested more thoroughly before being released. Google offers an option to switch to the previous version at the bottom of the page, but it's not persistent.

{ Thanks, Fran├žois Beaufort. }


  1. That's [almost] a fatal bugs. I didn't even realized it before. Thanks for the info.

  2. I don't even see the new interface now.

  3. They usually deploy unpolished major updates and tweak them in scale for a few days.

  4. "The new interface has too many bugs and should have been tested more thoroughly before being released".

    It hasn't been fully rolled out so I'd reserve judgment until it does.

  5. Minor bugs aside, I still like the new layout far better.

  6. Also, on Google Image Search, I searched my name (Kevin Scott Schlanger). The first image that shows up is outdated. If you click on that first image result, the actual image turns out to be a cartoon. And I updated that profile picture a few weeks ago.

  7. Alex, you should write about Google News redesign failure too. Google news support forums are overloaded with angry and upset users.

  8. I have also noticed that for over a week the Google Mobile Image Search does not work beyond the initial first page of images. Previously this worked fine as per the launch in April.

  9. Well said Alex...I totally agree with you..but I guess you missed something...everytime we search for a image it is taking too much time to display the results..too much lag.. :(


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