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July 20, 2010

Google Chrome Frame's Brief Description

Google Chrome Frame is a plug-in for Internet Explorer that uses Chrome's rendering engine to display web pages. It's especially useful for those who can't install other browsers, but want to run web applications that use HTML5 features and need a powerful JavaScript engine.

Google's description is really beautiful: "Chrome Frame renders the Web of the future in the browsers of the past. It's like strapping a rocket engine to a minivan." Google thinks that Internet Explorer is a "browser of the past" that can't handle "the Web of the future", so it needs a plug-in to make it faster and bring it up to date.

Fortunately, Internet Explorer 9 addresses these issues and it will finally make Internet Explorer a modern browser.

Chrome experiment in Internet Explorer 6, using Chrome Frame. Screenshot licensed as Creative Commons.


  1. Can you install a plug-in if you cannot install another browser?

    Chrome itself can even be installed by non-admin users after all.

  2. Good Fusion .Advantage between 2 browsers merge to one.

  3. IE has a lot of problems beyond standards support. It's slow to load, there always seems to be a lag, unnecessary UI and menu, etc. IE8 was supposed to be the new super browser, now it's supposed to be IE9.

  4. @Anonymous: I don't see how adding a plug-in to IE would fix those problems :)

  5. Microsoft can make as many version of IE as it likes, but until they start to FORCE people to upgrade out of older version, I am afraid it will not matter.

  6. >Fortunately, Internet Explorer 9 addresses these issues and
    >it will finally make Internet Explorer a modern browser.

    Though not on XP (IE9 won't install on XP), which is still, by far (50% of total), the worlds most widely used OS ...

    >FORCE people to upgrade out of older version

    ... is fine and dandy for a free browser, but different for an expensive OS.

  7. GCF made me too many problems before I had to unistall it.
    I guess I will wait for the RTM IE9, instead of waiting for GCF to finish its BETA period.

  8. Wow. IE really takes its hand on that.

  9. I just installed IE 9 and noticed that it is not as fast as IE 8 with Google Chrome Frame.

    Installing Google Chrome Frame (GCF) with IE 9 has brought back the level of performance that I experienced with IE 8 and GCF without any problems.

    Please note: Be sure to uninstall GCF before you install IE 9.


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