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October 26, 2011

Google Tests a New Search Interface for Tablets

Google experiments with a slightly different search interface for tablets. There's a new settings button below the search box that lets you disable SafeSearch and use the advanced search filters. The most popular specialized search engines are no longer hidden behind a small arrow: the new interface mimics the desktop UI and displays a list of search engines, followed by a "more" link. It's quite obvious that the navigation bar starts to become unnecessary, now that the settings button and most navigation links are displayed below the search box.

Three months ago, Google launched an interface optimized for iPad and Android tablets.


  1. i like this.... it sort of like google link ads.. and that make us notice it even better :-)

  2. when i doing search, i still don't see the everything, images video , news etc below the search... still see the same old sidebar thing... is it in usa only?

  3. Google really loves to keep things updated and tidy, don't they? Last week they updated their search page for viewing on a tablet.

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