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October 20, 2011

New Icons for Games and Music in Google Chrome

The latest Dev Channel release of Google Chrome for Chromebooks added two icons to the new tab page. They're similar to the Chrome Web Store icon, but they're for games and music. At the moment, the new icons don't send users to some special pages, but it's likely that they'll be used to promote the games section from the Chrome Web Store and an updated Google Music.

As AllThingsD reports, "Google is finally close to launching a music service with help from the labels". The news was confirmed by Andy Rubin, Google's Senior Vice President of Mobile. "Google is in the very, very early phases of adding consumer products to our portfolio. The media industry didn't see us as that. They saw us a search company," Andy Rubin said, trying to explain why it takes so long to launch a music store and other similar services. At the moment, Google Music is an invite-only service that lets you upload up to 20,000 songs and stream them to any computer, iOS or Android device.

{ Thanks, Sean. }


  1. I think the gray filing cabinet "File Manager" icon also looks pretty intriguing! :)

  2. Typo in the post header...

  3. The File Manager has been there for a while now. It's part of ChromeOS, and the only real way for ChromeOS folks to access local files.

    And you're welcome!

  4. Music app:

  5. @schleppy - thanks. I do not use Google ChromeOS, just the Chrome browser on Linux.

  6. The games section right now sucks but it's about to get a boost thanks to native client. Star Legends, the MMO game for smartphones, will be the first such game.

    And when Chrome comes to Android, maybe we'll get to play games without having to update and download apps and such.

  7. The music icon is kinda weird... why using box??
    maybe Google should make it more professonial??

  8. From my experience I think the new Music and Games icons are just for US.

  9. I really digg these icons, it shows that there are working really talented people.


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